Our Mission

We add value

Our Mission

Who we are

SP Packaging is a specialist in the creation, production and distribution of custom-made packaging for global brands. We are fully committed to providing a ’total package’ from concept to delivery. A combination of passion and versatility, innovation and quality is what we stand for.

How it began

Founded in 1964 this family-run business began as a supplier of customer packing for home textiles in Enschede, the Netherlands, where its head office is still located.In 1988 SP Packaging expanded globally with a second office in Zhongshan, China and in 2002 a factory was opened in the same region. In 2017 we relocated to an old refurbished original textile factory “Spinnerij Oosterveld” in Enschede. Throughout, SP Packaging has kept its core values: trustworthy, versatile and amiable.

What we do

We handle the total chain of activities in our different offices.

Our head office in Enschede, the Netherlands, is responsible for sales, design and marketing.
Our Office in China handles material sourcing, up-to-date quality procedures and worldwide shipping.
Our factory in China purchases raw materials, runs our production and ensures quality products.

Why choose SP Packaging?

Simple! SP adds value!

We ensure a ’total package’ from design to delivery.

We are fully involved in the process from the start and promise a superb high-quality end-result.

SPecialty? We offer you the added benefit of working with a friendly and amiable team. Nice people to work with….